Immigrants and conspiracy theorists

A new antibiotic-resistant bacteria has been found. So far, it’s only infected 37 people, and while it has shown some signs of person-to-person transmission, it’s been detected early and will hopefully be controllable, unlike MRSA.

Fairly pedestrian news so far. But what’s that you say? The resistance gene is believed to have evolved in India?

GOVERNMENT LIES Government up to its old phoney controlled statements why not telli the truth nevermind the cosmetic surgery lies,ITS IMMIGRATION FROM FROM THESE THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES THAT’S THE PROBLEM.stop it now “”””””””””””

I agree with the comments below. Lord knows what else these Indians and Pakistanis are bringing with them ……..

This is very bad news and if the brokeback government had anything about it then it would announce an immediate stop to all immigration from the countries concerned. All those entering from these countries should have a medical check.

This shows why we must detain and swiftly deport all illegal immigrants and asylum seekers who enter the UK. Visitors from India and Pakistan should have to fill out a form similar to the one we have to fill out when giving blood in the UK and checks carried out.
It’s bad enough that the majority of Terrorists and Insurgents that are in Britain have their roots in Pakistan.
In my opinion, the present disaster aside to which I donated a few quid, both India and Pakistan are filthy places to live in and unless we implement tighter controls at our border we are an open door to these dangers and much, much more.
Note; I spent some time in India as a serviceman.

The only realistic way to stop the spread of this terrifying infection is to prohibit all travel to and from India and Pakistan.

That’s every single comment from the Daily Express‘s article. Bear in mind that the infection vector was almost certainly British citizens seeking treatment in India, rather than the other way around. Express readers have got so used to the constant stories about the evils of immigration that even a health story – well, that’s got to be about immigration really.

Even the Daily Mail‘s comments aren’t as bad – most of them are simply from jaded conspiracy theorists who refuse to accept the existence of the bacteria and claim it’s all a lie by Big Pharma.


I’ll believe it when the sky turns green and purple, and rains mutant frogs.

I know we have a different Govt. now but I still wouldn’t believe anything they say

here we goe again..scaremonger companys are wanting more of govs money..have we heard this many times before!

Before we start spending millions to drug companies for usless drugs try dosing the patients with all the spare birdflu vaccine.
It apparently wasnt all that good for bird flu so it might work on this latest bug.
If not then at least we havent got itsataround in storage costing more money.

Pure simple scaremongering. Probably paid for by big pharma. Just like the Swine flu pandemic. Want to cure something? Go to second or the Townsend letter for Doctors on the internet and wise up! You think I am joking? Naltrexone, reduces tumours 23% in 25 days; not available, CV 247; not available, Copper tablets, dilute HCl, ECT, all not available. The list is endless. A doctor today could not prescribe a cup of pi*s (Urea/Carbimide) for the treatment of Cancer even though it is approved by the EU [EMEA] for exactly this disease. (Dr. Danapaulos)
In the 1920’s to 1950’s the so called “incurable” diseases of today were being cured by Doctors and they were all scared off by the powers that be. Too late! The internet is here and people are no longer listening to third rate doctors. They have scared you all to your graves with the patentable medecines.

The worst coverage however, in a bit of a twist, may actually be The Guardian‘s (no comments on that article though). While there is a valid point to made about antibiotic resistance, the The Guardian‘s claim that they’ll be useless in the near future is a rather gross exaggeration of the Lancet’s paper on the discovery of the resistant enzyme. While the Lancet did use the phrase “Is this the end of antibiotics” in a headline, this was in a press release, not the article itself, which instead is slightly more realistic, if less catchy:

Enterobacteriaceae with NDM-1 carbapenemases are highly resistant to many antibiotic classes and potentially herald the end of treatment with β-lactams, fluoroquinolones, and aminoglycosides—the main antibiotic classes for the treatment of Gram-negative infections. […] Most isolates remained susceptible to colistin and tigecycline.

In other words, some drugs will work, some drugs won’t, but the presence of the new resistant gene won’t automatically render every antibiotic useless for every infection ever.


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