The Daily Express hates Pepé Le Pew

Three-quarters of French people report some dissatisfaction with their sex lives. How does the Daily Express report on this story? With grace? With sensitivity? With tact?

No, of course not. Instead, it runs with the headline “Frenchmen admit they’re a flop in the bedroom

FOR A country that prides itself on being a nation of lovers, French egos took a blow ­yesterday when it was revealed that three-quarters of them have miserable sex lives.

I can’t find the survey itself online, but according to the article, the survey in fact found that around a quarter of those polled (men and women, not just men) reported turning down sex because they were stressed or unwell, and half reported they sometimes (but apparently not all the time, or even necessarily often) had “no desire”.* That’s not “Frenchmen are a bad in bed” (sour grapes much, Express?), that’s “French people sometimes experience sexual dysfunction, which is not exactly uncommon among older people in any country”. Pointing and laughing at someone else’s health problems is not funny or dignified.

The comments by the way are classy. There are two on this article:

"PERHAPS IF THEY,OR THE WOMEN.............WOULD BATHE REGULARLY ??" and "FRENCH MEN ARE FLOPS What else needs saying on that"Nice.

PS. There seems to be some churnalism going on with this story. The Daily Mail‘s article is almost exactly the same as The Telegraph‘s with the last couple of lines of The Daily Express‘s added on at the end. As far as I can tell, the story went Telegraph > Mail > Express.

* Without looking at the survey, I can’t tell whether those groups are mutually exclusive – in other words, whether people can be in both groups or not. If they’re not, then simply adding the quarter to the half to make three quarters is wrong and overstates the problem.


  1. #1 by ukenagashi on Saturday, 11th September 2010 - 18:12 GMT+0100

    Oh, articles and attitudes like this make me so angry I could spit. I don’t really have anything constructive to say, so I’m just going to angryface.

    >: (

  2. #2 by DickMandrake on Sunday, 12th September 2010 - 15:05 GMT+0100

    It should also be pointed out that this survey was commissioned by a pharmaceutical corporation who “is going to launch an information campaign this month for French couples who want to improve their sex lives.” How convenient for them that the very survey they commissioned fits perfectly into their marketing agenda! What utter rubbish.

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