While I’m happy to host rational debates, don’t be a dick – especially since when the media distorts science, they often distort it in a way that harms the most underprivileged in our society. If you want to take me up on poor research/analysis, please do, but don’t do it in a way that attacks these people.

As such, please avoid sloganising, which won’t get anyone anywhere, or discussions about contentious ethical issues that have been debated on every corner of the web – *cough*religion*cough*abortion*cough*international politics*cough* – where it is clear both sides are yelling and no-one is going to shift.

This isn’t just aimed at religious people, by the way. Anyone sneering about how any religion worships a “magical sky wizard” or whatever, please kindly shut up, you make the rest of us atheists look bad.

Anyone who uses emotive arguments in place of evidence to push pseudoscience, also shut up.

Standard disclaimer: I reserve final say over moderation. At the moment, only your first comment (and any comment heavy in links) goes into the moderation queue. Any trolling, any ignoring these rules, or any incivility and your name goes on the blacklist.

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