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Ugly statistics

British women tourists are the ‘ugliest in the world’ says The Express today, while its stablemate The Star goes for the even more tasteful English female tourists are ‘fat slags on tour’.

Such a controversial headline must have some real substance behind it, right? Something to excuse the blatant misogyny of the articles themselves? Let’s see.

BRITISH women have been branded the ugliest in the world in an ­international poll.

They were slated for their bad behaviour, dress sense and drinking habits when on holiday.

Many are accused of being “rude”, “drinking pints of beer like men” and “ending up drunk in the gutter”.

They also shamelessly broke wind and belched while lying around hotel pools or on beaches, according to the survey for a respected holiday website.

Which “respected holiday website” was this? Well, you’d have to dig a long way through the articles to find out, but it’s in fact a site called “Real Holiday Reports” (check out the web design, circa 1999!). Never heard of it? That’s not surprising. It has a UK Alexa ranking of 11,882 (in other words, it’s 11,882th most popular British website) – by comparison, has a UK ranking of 132,  Lastminute has a UK ranking of 104 and Trip Advisor has a UK ranking of 86.

Still, I bet this survey was conducted in the most scientific manner possible, right? I mean, I’m sure they didn’t just stick a hastily slapped together instant poll on their front page, right?

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